Circa 1990 Three

(the sound of a revolution)

“now what you hear is not a test”

…it’s the hiphopera

everybody’s swaying to what the deejay’s playing

one dude grinding with now his 12th honey thought he

was r. kelly

the cut just happened to be “freaks of the industry”

by shock g. and his better half & other personality

humpty, who is wearing Michael Jackson’s real nose

& the mack’s old clothes

with two turntables, the deejay is his own band

i remember lord fader saving the world last night

with nothing but his hands, some wax

& a crew of m.c.’s seven deep.

there’s knowledge reigns supreme over nearly everyone,

rakim & public enemy’s #1 son,

L.L., melle mel, that brother abstract & gifted unlimited rhymes universal

moving one nation on a groove

as the chronograph choreographs

the impatient pulse of the populace

controlled solely by the sound

of a revolution still in progress.