Analog Soul: Live From The Chronograph

for (& inspired by) Sonia Sanchez and Thulani Davis

all the poets & the part-time singers always hang inside
   along with the microphone fiends
     & spoken wordsmiths
who usually congregate on the corner of the neworld cypher
   but on this saturday nite
     are transmitting live
from the Chronograph, Uptown, where overground meets
  underground. & the deejays play till dawn,
    airing their motto:
Time Marches On–

to a sanctuary of bassheads & beatfreaks who interface
 with the bass of soul vibrations
   happening everywhere,
even down here on the ground where wonders & signs
  speak like a child. where consciousness
    is its own revival
& “the only preacher is a poet,” conversing with the collective
  conscience of the universe with words
     born to speak rivers

As Sonia would say…

Remembering what we have learned from history
  & all that the world has since forgot
    so as not to repeat it, but
instead be it as we evolve into an everlasting song
  colored by the indigenous magic
    of our own thoughts
& reflections. never forgetting  that our  greatest
   weapons will always be our words
      but actions always speak louder.