If Only Your Eyes Could See What They Say


as she smiles with dignity, a sultry silence

pigments her palpable picturesque lips. she

need not mutter a word or stutter

a sound. her eyes tell it all, crying

the weathered sentiments of her once

severed heart.

                        her eyes seep the secrets

                        of her soul enshroud in the ambivalence

                        behind that mystic smile, leaving

                        me whirling, waltzing

                        like a fool in love, as though

                        i were waiting for her to appear (in spite of

                        this bittersweet song of silence)…


the bellows of your brown orbs onto mine


                         i got high on the hawk

as his wind parade lifted me thru the air of my inevitable addiction


the melody of your mystery,  into a scatter of pitter patter


a wanderlust, sailing thru an instant of one of your bluesy Miles-

like whines & the spiral strut of your eyes’ improvised croon

…& when i woke from my nap at noon,

                                               i still held in the back of my mind

that very smile that could only be you.