One Young Soul at a Time



Originally written in the fall of 1995 [as a call to stop Black on Black violence], it is befitting to me to use this as an elegy for Trayvon Martin, especially after finding out last night at work that George Zimmerman had been acquitted of Martin’s murder. It is entitled One Young Soul at a Time.


One Young Soul at a Time
fallen from promised land to killing
onto death’s last tear cries a dark
like the soundtrack to reality in the voices of martyrs
that haunt my inner ear,
callin out to the world that left them behind.
one young soul at a time
dies the same world
like dusk on dawn
still starin
at me through eyes which do not see
that America
her body full of veins red, white and blue,
with the birth of her
constitution, as she drowned in rhetoric
of paradise found
then lost in the words: “…and justice for all.”


one young soul,
whose infant eyes are the pillars
on which the world
in revolutions of runaway minds
come mourning time,
whose tears are metronomes
countin down to that day when all voices will be heard,
sets as a crescent to rise like the sun.


one young soul,
whose words are sundials with pristine
shadows to be heard,
and whose actions are the original poet tree
laid out like the quilted sky,
guidin us back
through the infinite earth
with roots
sewn in the soil of her seamless girth,
sets out to excavate uncle’s brain dead world
and bury tom beside the shackles
of his slave mentality,
e pluribus unum.

overseen by the eye of one young soul
life liberates rainbows
of children,
of the star
that severs day from night, from the doom
of their dreams consumed,
for death has spawned a mortal dawn for dusk to build upon.