Prosaic Mosaic


by mdsh!970

1. Narcissus
fell in love
with his face
off a pool
of water
dove in and
drowned himself.

2. Drowning is today
killing seeds of tomorrow
leaving nothing
but a barren wasteleand
buried beneath the rubble
of skyscrapers
and what used to be monuments
for eternity to see.

3. Life is
an uphill battle
but I must wage the war
                                      till truth is kin
(or else my dreams
will be nightmares
of its obscene

“Injustice anywhere is a threat
to justice everywhere.”
but we are still
fightin lost battles

and “The world
is a hemophiliac” with a history
that “could pass for a scarlet text…”

yet life’s full of little
wars and I
fight them all at the same time.

4. Tomorrow will curse us
with brand-new cuss words
that mama and daddy never used
destine us to die
from our everpresent
if we keep ego trippin.