Lucky 2B Alive

Lucky 2B Alive
consumed by daymares and nightdreams
but still ripe with destiny
i walk the circle
the sun has set,

shinin on the other
side of me, endangered–
like the native son i am,
whose only heirloom
is my freedoom
cuz i supposedly
know too much. and i’ll hear daddy
like my own heartbeat, swearin
“i ain’t ever seen
brinks on the way
to the cemetary
to bury old men with their old
money,” clearer tomorrow
than yesterday, when
it sets again.

eternal is my
path from hell on earth to heaven
through the regrets of my sins,
learnin to crawl, walk,
stumble then fall,
to get back up and run
wherever the sun will lead me,
even into battle with all
of my fears, Fightin
Death When I Go.