Born 1970 A.D.

“I was born underwater with 3 dollars & 6 dimes…”
–Erykah Badu

Yesterday, under a celestial sea of secrets
& impossible dreams
Protected by Neptune-patron god of Atlantis, & his powerful trident of truth, I was born
A duality of 2 fish swimming in divergent
Directions, but raised & praised as an anomaly, yearning
To break free from the restraints of reality.
Today, I am the chameleon king
Of the house of the collective
Consciousness of the cosmos, walking on the exalted exhalations of my own lungs
Up the spiral staircase with its seven steps to heaven
As I inhale the ways of the scale, now
& forever reinventing myself
For a life without end. tomorrow,
I’ll be reincarnated as a lovebird, perched
On the peaceful crescent
Of afterglow, flowing from my Libra moon.

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