Ode to Langston Hughes (the return of the drum)

This rhythm
your vision

to begin again

my umbra

of blue. you told
me, “bear in mind that death
is a drum…calling life to come.”

in the wombiverse
rooted like
thoughts coded in the cord
that is mind, i know i’ve grown,

from a seed
to the soulflower
blooming like “tomorrow bright
before us,” calling

you to me as though a beat beyond life
still you drum the psalms
of faith, hope and love’s azure

on fire burning beneath beautiful
ones not yet born, where age

is embodied in innocence
of the sun kissing the horizon.
but for us to

drum “A World” where everyone is free
seems too perfect a dream for mother earth to conceive
still; birth and its many complications are always rough on

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