Music Is…

alone & I
waiting for my flor d’luna
to illuminate the stained looking glass
of me, myself & I with her
cosmic jazz in a river of groove
as I ponder the wild blue yonder with gypsy eyes,
thinking one thing & doing another
at a fork in the road,
every little step I take watching you in the distance
on the sunny side of the street where you live,
just for the love of embraceable you
yesterday, today & tomorrow
(for you are the soul inspiration I need for suicide to seem so boring)…
the better half of myself when I am real
dancing in my sleep
to some shit @ 78 BPM
dreaming nonfiction,
finding and believing that time will tell
and memories can’t wait
until it’s time for me to go,
stepping into tomorrow on tippi-toes
softly, as in a passion sunrise, when love calls,
leaving impressions
of body and soul
on night’s thousand eyes
or my mood
almost like being in love
so in love,
drifting like voices in the rain to the other side of town,
somewhere in the night
in a symphony
for my soul sister,
to utter what words will never say
so as I think of one lady in my life,
I talk to the trees
up where the wind blows wild and free
(like a drum stroll down blue broadway).