3rd Stone From The Sun [ReWrite}


“to acoustic & electric
woman & man

…feels like years ago since i’ve felt
the warm hello of the sun…
he once wrote. yet he’s still
a living grain of sand
from the soil   right from the soul of man
sitting amongst psychedelic shadows
upon the chameleon shore, greeting
the sunrise.
never compared to GOD like clapton
jimi is the man that 1st time
i heard him
to be the next charlie christian or wes montgomery
wouldn’t be flamboyant
enough for
whose Experience america wasn’t ready for
in ’64 because he sounded
like himself & not
The Beatles or Elvis
strumming strings of a right-handed axe
turned upside down, unearthing
an electric universe
exorcising demons more evil
& spirits more schizophrenic
than those of robert
while taking us on an unabridged excursion
to where the sky cries
nothing but the blues
lives here.