Jazz: Rhapsody in You (Pt. 11) — One Love

My heart
Sings the blues
Of yesterday,
Oh how my heart sings in its own sweet way:

A forgotten tune of liberation–
“Let freedom ring”
Like a bell
That calls

To be
Heard, for once,
In the voice of
The voiceless in rage against the machine,

As the hypocrites make my blood just race
& my heart screech.
& my mind
Just screams

In traffic
During rush hour,
Our appetite for destruction must cease!!!

In the name of love!! Oh how my heart sings!
In spite of hate
We are one
World, not

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  1. Love your poem. Here is a reflection of spirit for you…

    The Kiss

    My Soul is to me
    as my Spirit is to God
    and if my Heart is open
    my Soul and my Spirit kiss.
    Then I know Bliss… Then I am in Bliss…

    And this Bliss is shareable
    not because I want to share it
    (and I do) but because
    I cannot deny it
    and you all know it
    you all see it
    you all reflect it back to me
    then this Bliss is doubled…trebled…

    No! My Soul
    does not love best sleep or death.
    My Soul takes free flight in words,
    gifts me these poems,
    dances them in and out
    of my dream states, asleep or awake.
    Dying not…empowering my breath
    causing spontaneous songs…
    And my Spirit is drawn in, must join in…
    And then…those two cavort. Oh… They play!
    They treat words as grounding stones
    only such that i may speak them to another.
    It is then that in my breath
    my Soul and my Spirit meet and kiss Sky to Earth and Earth to Sky…


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