Blue Haze

Inspired by “……a dim but wonderful memory of smoky haze and blue notes.”
                     –RC deWinter

wonder i wander
whether, if ever,
the improvisers
blew notes with intent
of being more than
just an impromptu
born to be blue. it
is said that they knew…

wonder i wander
like Alice peeking with her
smoke-filled looking-glasses
through Harlemesque hues of Hughes
as he gazed into the blue haze of the jazz age
enter Satchmo with his hard earned halo
& Gabriel’s horn in hand, riffing
through the avant garden of Congo Square
& Ellingtonian variegations
of jazzical improvisation, or perhaps
Yardbird in flight as my guide
(who Dizzy said, transplanted
the frenetic kinetics of a KC
big band blues scene, a la Count Basie,
into the heart of New York
when he landed), with every
solo i’ve committed to memory…

wonder i wander
let no blues, especially those
beautiful as these notes
i muse, put asunder
the wunderkind chorus
of aspirations to inspire
all of our permanently ad liberated minds
intertwined in the kaleidoscope of time
walking as miles talked, emulating
the aural elixir of monk’s moods
& trane’s meditations, feeling
the taut tightrope linguistics
composed off the tongue
of mingus & mimicked by his animate
fingers, as i imagine what’s
hidden there in the shadow of your smile
or the sweet swagger of your sway
For whatever it is, “better git it in your soul.”


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