Blue Haze

“Jazz is the music of the body.”
– Anais Nin

“When the music changes, so does the dance.”
–African Proverb

Electric Music of the Muses ©️

Inspired by “……a dim but wonderful memory of smoky haze and blue notes.”
                     –RC deWinter

wonder i wander
whether, if ever,
the improvisers
blew notes with intent
of being more than
just an impromptu
born to be blue. it
is said that they knew…

wonder i wander
like Alice peeking with her
smoke-filled looking-glasses
through Harlemesque hues of Hughes
as he gazed into the blue haze of the jazz age
enter Satchmo with his hard earned halo
& Gabriel’s horn in hand, riffing
through the avant garden of Congo Square
& Ellingtonian variegations
of jazzical improvisation, or perhaps
Yardbird in flight as my guide
(who Dizzy said, transplanted
the frenetic kinetics of a KC
big band blues scene, a la Count Basie,
into the heart of New York
when he landed), with every
solo i’ve committed to memory…

wonder i wander
let no blues, especially those

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