Reincarnation Blues [Word of Mouth (reWrite)]

“Whatever the soul longs for, will be attained by the spirit.”
–Kahlil Gibran

Scrupulously we   scribble
Forever revisiting margins

Of the scrolls
Of   our souls

Scrutinizing over syllables
& symbols      preoccupied

With creating
Conscious matter

Caught in a whirling dervish
Of wordwrighting ruminations
Meant to change the world

One word, one
Line, one verse
At a time

Of the inner G.O.D.

We    swim  beyond
The stream, daring to dream
& read the truth between lies
Under protection

Of the media’$ disguise
In search
Of the light of the world

To raze these days of discontent
With occupying the mind:
Revolution begins within as tags

Of wild-styled
Consciousness in figures
Of newspeech

Traveling by word of mouth…

These lines
Lies a geography
Of words without boundary
Battling beyond the call of duty

In the name of one love, one blood
For  we  are  leaves  of  an ancient

Poet Tree reincarnate, one colossus
Cacophony in search of consonance

In a perpetual procession of wandering
Spiritsongs, inhaling the eternal echoes

Of souls regenerating
Reverberating  within

(As if we were One with the cosmos).