Faith Ain’t No Fairytale


Lingers on whims
Of the wind
Wailing delectable

Dialects of dulcet
Waking the dead

With voices scattered like dust
In all of
The anonymous
Spirits I can’t help but feel molding
The terra firma
Of meek
Faces around me. around us.

I’ve chiseled out who I am
& make history our/story
My/story (not a mystery)

But an everyday odyssey
In griot’s clothes
Into the 21st century’s
Coded language
Of a new world symphony.


With its newborn
Of reason, kindles

The immortal embers
Of curious
Perseverance built

On pillars of patience wandering
In the wind…
With one truth
Traveling midst the myriad
Souls, like love
In search of
Compassion, as the sun goddess

Sings, “take heed & believe in
Every step of the story you tell…
‘Cause faith ain’t no fairytale.”