The Analog Soul Set

Electric Music of the Muses ©️

The Truth Is Now

On this, the quiet side of tomorrow

A masterpiece beyond midnight
Emerging from its veil
Of pale moonlight

As past in present in future, awaits

The mourning light
Starring as the choir of Now
Springing unending understanding
Of the truth spoken here
In spontaneous combustion
Of space & time becoming

One. When the song is ended & segued

Its way into the air, I shall hear their voices
As I did the first time many
Beautiful moons ago, alive
In the distance

In the rain of analog soul mutating with the sound.

Analog Soul: Saturday Nite in the Kosmos

(…& i hope that God never turns off the stars)
for Bill Evans & Irving Berlin

out of the cool, in maiden voyages
of freedom–new orbits of soul, we
flew beyond the blue horizon

high above the canopy of a constellated caravan
movin’ towards the…

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