A Lament for the Fallen Innocents

(or: one young soul revisited)

Swept under the killing
Floor, both were more than
Another slain name–

Just like Tamir Rice, Eric Garner,
Sandra Bland, Freddie Gray, Michael
Brown, Trayvon Martin, Yusef
Hawkins, Emmett Till & countless others.

#Philando Castile:

32 years old. No criminal
Licensed to carry.
& killed
Right in front of his daughter…

For her sake, remember his name.

#Alton Sterling:

37 year-old father of five
Depended on their daddy on a daily basis”
Already vilified for his less-than-perfect life
Didn’t deserve to die.

& like all the rest of us, they lived
In an America that has habitually
Devalued, disrespected & destroyed
Black lives refracting rays of hope
Disparately, in the ways of the scales.

But, out
Of darkness into the light, now’s
The time that love be reborn, for death
Spawns a mortal dawn for dusk
To build upon, one bloodline under God.

(quote from Quinyetta McMillan)