Slavery by Another Name

It’s a crying shame
We are
Left with these
Legacies of dead presidents
Long gone
& looked upon
Like links in a chain

From slavery to Jim Crow
To the present day minstrel show
Of slavery by another name.

But who is to blame?
For this system of mass
Incarceration, which

Is (& always has been) the new
Plantation under incorporation

All due to the loophole
In the 13th amendment:
Slavery shall not exist

Except as punishment
For crimes of the duly convicted.
There’s an abundance

Of evidence of things not seen
Nor sown, reaped to let it be
Known, that the myth
Of Black criminality is obscene.
Our Blackness
Does not make us
Miscreants, although
Maybe misunderstood; yet,
We continue
To be convicted
For our convictions —
Persecuted like Jesus;


  1. Amen, brother. The celebration today in Washington, D.C. is just the beginning of new battle lines being drawn and of new alliances between forces of justice and equality for all. Let’s not lose the faith. Light will prevail.

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