A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

(beware the beheading of Lady Liberty)

What will it take for you to be — Disillusioned?

You, the conformist voters who elected this brilliant idiot into office, say he is the man of God you wanted in the White House, because (Lord knows) in the past eight, the coffee got a little “too black…too strong” for your biased tastes and predilections to praying in love all the while you were living in hate. You knew just like me that he’s a monstrous made of money megalomaniac misogynistic bigoted racist no better than a charismatic con man selling fool’s gold whose only game plan is his own personal wars on peace and equality for control of the country and its oil and the legalization of discrimination

…& if you let him
then you are as much
a Democratic Fascist as he is.

Just remember you have to go back to the beginning to understand the end. but, it’s bound to stay worse a long way before democracy returns to its natural state of noncomplacent nonconforming diversity that makes us free to be incomparably you and me.