To the Nines: The Songbook of the Muses — Erato’s Love Notes (…in progress) 

5. Purely and surely
Love is the gospel, singing
The sermons of life.

4. Come what may, devoted
day by day (…until no end)
To the dance of our wandering stars
With steps choreographed
by the glow of our souls, as
Andromeda falls
upon her Milky Way, invoking
The Muses to harmonize to the nines
Love into our eyes, so we can hear
The lush hums of the spheres.

3. Sown in the soil of
Your soul, my heart reaps rapture
With wild brevity.

2. Her body hides in words
I’d love to browse fore I drowse
Dreaming poetry.

1. I want to walk your
Fingertips, & follow what remains
Of this road for me.