From a Whisper to a Scream

“You cannot let race consume you. It will take over your poetry, and make it null and void.”
— as told to me by my college poetry professor, Laurence Lieberman

We lost
In the fire
Will find us
Through the ashes

By embers of memory
In the brilliant corners
Of our collective

Now, if only we could be post-racist
As a country. if only we could escape

The cage of condescending
Conformity with its pre-flawed
Laws of a politically polluted
Melting pot and its post-racial
Confearacy, feeling the light

That guides us through our darkest days
With faith in the fate of falling in love with the world
In spite of history; but, ’til the moment

When the rivers of hope and love converge
Flowing to the end of our spirits & the confluent
Ends of Earth, so all of the world can hear

Our waters, letting us know
That the mountain is no more
…none of us are free wholly.

RandomiX #5: Art Appreciation

21st Century Theory of Poetry

With words at the heart
And on the fringe
Of these excursions
Through the continuous lens
Of consciousness, the orbit
Of the moon around the sun
Is made a majesty of metaphor

With each passing day, and Poetry
An avant guardian
Of beauty spawned out
Of spontaneity, like
Electric music of the muses spoken

In the alchemy of prosody
Caressed by the auras
Of ubiquity, as though
Our bodies were meant to be read
Like Braille, and our thoughts
Refracted by the light
Of the world.

Immortality, or: Oblivion

“Kindle the fire within while it lasts,”
Uttered the sanctuary 
Of spirits, “in spite of your silence.
Nothing but tomorrow
Casts fate of your sweetest sorrow.”

The Meaning(s) of Life

I think you’d like this story: “The Meaning(s) Of Life” by 21stcenturygrio on Wattpad

RandomiX #1

Ode to the Poetry of Me (or: improvised introspections after watching Collateral Beauty)

Sometimes it’s just blood
Sweat, tears, with no sign of
Figures of speech in here…

Sometimes love, death, time,
With collateral beauty
Not too far behind..

At other times, words
Echo life on the threshold
Of even death’s door

Where the next chorus
Blows hornucopian solos
Onward ’til tomorrow.

The Meaning of Life (or: writing and reciting the scroll of my soul)

Just words
On a page
Every phrase aspires
To inspire the next, until love
Rites the meaning of life’s infinitesimal moments.

Forest Hymn

The trees started to
Speak, and the forest began to sing:
“Life is an echo —

You reap what you sow;
So never let fear reign over
The tide of tomorrow

If you expect your seeds to grow. “

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

(beware the beheading of Lady Liberty)

What will it take for you to be — Disillusioned?

You, the conformist voters who elected this brilliant idiot into office, say he is the man of God you wanted in the White House, because (Lord knows) in the past eight, the coffee got a little “too black…too strong” for your biased tastes and predilections to praying in love all the while you were living in hate. You knew just like me that he’s a monstrous made of money megalomaniac misogynistic bigoted racist no better than a charismatic con man selling fool’s gold whose only game plan is his own personal wars on peace and equality for control of the country and its oil and the legalization of discrimination

…& if you let him
then you are as much
a Democratic Fascist as he is.

Just remember you have to go back to the beginning to understand the end. but, it’s bound to stay worse a long way before democracy returns to its natural state of noncomplacent nonconforming diversity that makes us free to be incomparably you and me.