The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same (but,  let’s keep Jim Crow dead) 

it happened as if we were
revisiting the past…

one dead as car plows
into crowd amid protests
in Charlottesville

…though we are that change we seek
it’s not worth going backwards

Prayer to a Scream

“You cannot let race consume you. It will take over your poetry, and make it null and void.”
— as told to me by my college poetry professor, Laurence Lieberman

We lost
In the fire
Will find us
Through the ashes

By embers of memory
In the brilliant corners
Of our collective

Now, if only we could be post-racist
As a country. if only we could escape

The cage of condescending
Conformity with its pre-flawed
Laws of a politically polluted
Melting pot and its post-racial
Confearacy, feeling the light

That guides us through our darkest days
With faith in the fate of falling in love with the world
In spite of history; but, ’til the moment

When the rivers of hope and love converge
Flowing to the end of our spirits & the confluent
Ends of Earth, so all of the world can hear

Our waters, letting us know
That the mountain is no more
…we are only partially free.

Race Matters (…at least, ’til we all realize we’re the same)


“All we need is a voluntary, free-spirited, open-ended program of racial deconstruction. ”
–excerpted from the movie Bulworth

If not now then when
Will we be free from sins of
Silent omission?

(…Never is the time to be
Reticent on the frontline…)

If not now then when
Can we trust in each other
To do the right thing?

(…Now is the time for the scales
Of righteousness to be heard.)

11 December 12

life is a dance [not a race]
                                                                           …feel the music

before the song is over.